The first USDA slaughterhouse in Tioga County; a dream has come to reality for owner Ian Mumbulo.

 WAVERLY, March 10, 2016 - Reed Brook Custom Meat Processing was purchased by Mumbulo in 2003, and has since undergone a complete transformation. Located on Ellis Creek Rd. in Waverly, NY, Reed Brook offered its clients “state custom licensed” meat processing of beef, pork, and venison, as well as many smokehouse specialty favorites for over a decade. Converting to a USDA inspected facility will provide year-round business to a company that has been predominantly seasonal.

Since taking over ownership, Mumbulo has nearly tripled the size of his operation, adding a new walk-in cooler and freezer, supply room, smokehouse room, and rendering room. He has acquired a new smokehouse, and several large-scale automated equipment. Mumbulo’s most recent project was designing/building a new slaughter floor and animal holding facilities, complying with humane handling federal USDA FSIS compliance regulations. “Humane handling is very important to us here at Reed Brook, we highly respect that we are the last person that animal sees before being harvested. Not only is it for the best interest and care of the animal, it also ensures higher quality meats,” states Mumbulo.  We are under contract with AgriForaging Food Safety, a food safety consulting firm which specializes in USDA FSIS federal compliance.

 From harvesting and processing animals for restaurants and grocery stores, to having their own retail store and offering meat bundles (packages), the opportunities are now endless for Reed Brook Meat Processing. Mumbulo is looking to expanding his product line as well as becoming organic certified in the near future; there is a considerable lack of New York USDA certified organic facilities. Mumbulo is thrilled to offer this much needed local infrastructure to his region which in turn helps provide positive effects on local economies; by offering more jobs, as well as supporting the re-growth of local farming agriculture. There is a large demand to provide chefs and restaurants with locally raised and processed meat (known as the Farm-to-Fork initiative), and that is exactly what Mumbulo intends to do.

Mumbulo is greatly appreciative of all of those who have helped him get to where he is, as he believes it’s a collaborative effort. Reed Brook Meat Processing wishes to thank all of its existing customers for their continued support, and looks forward to developing new relationships through their expanded services. He encourages anyone who may be interested to give him a call to arrange for a tour. Mumbulo is very proud of how his business has evolved, and is eager to see what the future may hold.

About Reed Brook
Reed Brook Custom Meat Processing is located at 1385 Ellis Creek Rd., Waverly, NY. Reed Brook is a proud member of Pennsylvania Association of Meat Processors (PAMP), American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP). For more information and to learn more, call Reed Brook at 607-565-9630. You can also find them on Facebook, as well as their website,                         ###